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our story

In 1998, Chris and his wife Corinne began organising their own road trips exploring the United States. Their trips focussed on America’s outstanding natural beauty spots as well as its vibrant cities. Despite trying the ‘easy’ option of buying a trip from a tour operator, they often found the trips poor value for money and, more importantly, badly conceived. Often taking boring routes, missing must see places and not allowing the correct amount of time to explore each location. Chris couldn’t justify taking the convenient option. So instead he spent most evenings and weekends trawling through articles, guidebooks and websites in order to create the ultimate American Road Trips for them to enjoy.

Over the years, their knowledge and experience grew to the point where they felt confident they could offer anybody an exciting and stress-free holiday in the United States. Even their American friends began turning to them for advice when planning a vacation.

In 2012, Chris and Corinne founded the American Road Trip Company. Born to deliver the ultimate holiday experience and to do it for a price offering outstanding value. They, along with the team continue to actively research the continent they now consider a second home, always seeking somewhere new to be discovered or a fresh adventure to be found.

Today, our website contains over 50 amazing fly-drive holidays, including some which explore Canada to the north. Our wanderlust for all things USA and Canada has continued to grow, as does our expert team and our list of wonderful road tripping clients.

our mission statement

The goal of everyone at The American Road Trip Company is to provide superbly well organised and personalised road trips that will inspire, replenish and astonish our customers for a price that is considered outstanding value for money, no matter the budget. We will offer outstanding service, whether the customer is pre-tour, on tour or having returned home. Our team will never quench its thirst for knowledge or their wish to surpass our customer’s expectations.

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