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How long have you been organising Road Trips through America?

I went on my first American road trip back when I was just 18. We travelled from Atlanta to DC and then down to the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Looking back we had a great time, but I now know all the great stuff we missed along the way. I would plan it completely differently today.

Road trip miles travelled?

Over 112,000 miles through 45 states!

Favorite place visited on a road trip?

It’s a toss up between New York and the Napa Valley for me. An odd final two I know, but both offer me so much in completely different ways. Napa is stunning, I love the rolling hills covered by perfectly straight vines. This area is heaven for a foodie like me.

However, you just can’t beat the buzz of New York! It really is the greatest city on Earth, and a great place to start or finish a road trip.

Favorite road trip?

It’s a classic – Highway 1. The Wine Country, San Francisco, Carmel, Big Sur and the glamour of tinsel town LA. What’s not to like? Big Sur is a world famous drive and its reputation is well deserved.

Favorite excursion?

I always wanted to ride a horse along a beach. So, when we discovered Molera Horseback Tours I jumped at the chance to fulfill my ambition.

Favorite Hotel?

It’s not got the most stars of our Hotels on offer, but for me it’s the best! Cute, stylish and so relaxing – Casa Laguna in Laguna Beach, California has charm by the bucket load. It’s a great place to start our western tours, as adjusting from jet lag here is a breeze and if you can’t sleep…..just walk across the road to one of the coves and watch the sunrise, whilst dolphins pop up and down in the ocean.

Most recent road trip?

I’ve just returned from a road trip travelling through, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Highlights include Fort Worth – I love the Stockyards, an authentic cowboy experience. In Dallas a couple of highlights were The Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza, this museum is so detailed chronicling JFK’s assassination and it’s aftermath. I also love Deep Ellum, in Dallas and had some of the best BBQ here.

In Arkansas we travelled through the Diamond Lakes Region, Lake Ouachita is stunning and super relaxing. Hot Springs National Park and Crater of Diamonds State Park are also close by. I dug for diamonds, the policy here is “finders, keepers” no diamonds this time for me, but a lot of fun.

In Oklahoma, I went horse back riding in Robbers Cave State Park and white water rafting in Oklahoma City along with soaking in more cowboy culture in the State capitol. Take me back!!!


Glacier Point, Yosemite

Monument Valley

Thats a tick on my list!

Central Park, NYC

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