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Tell us about your last road trip adventure?

Superfam – courtesy of the guys at Visit California!

Favorite place visited on a road trip?

Chicago! Chicago! Birthplace of the skyscraper, great shopping and world class museums… I could go on and on about this great city. The city even boasts beaches and great boat trips on Lake Michigan. I always get our Route 66 clients to stay for at least 3 nights in Chicago, it really is one of the worlds great cities.

Favourite road trip?

Our best seller – The Golden Triangle is full on, but it packs in 3 amazing cities, 3 National Parks, beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and so much more. And don’t forget the desert areas of Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Desert, these are so beautiful too.

Favorite excursion?

I must say, I don’t tend to do a lot of excursions when I’m out in the states as I’m quite happy just sightseeing and taking in the scenery, but if I had to pick one it would be sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands. Paddling close to (but not too close!) pods of orca whales was just amazing and it just made for a great day out on the water.

Favourite hotel?

I am an outdoors kinda girl and love love love what the US has to offer – it certainly does ‘The Great Outdoors’ on a whole new level and will leave you awe struck at the very least!

My most favourite and memorable places that I have stayed have always been those with a view – and nowhere does it better than Kalaloch Lodge.  Log Cabins on the beach, s’mores and a sunset – arghh dreamy – and it is a great base for exploring one of the most wild and diverse National Parks in the Pacific North West.

Favourite meal to eat whilst in America?

Hmmmm – Oh my – I am hungry just thinking about it.

You have so much choice the hardest part is deciding what to have.  I tend to eat on the go during the day and love a food truck – every city has something great to offer and it is always exciting trying something new.

My favourite to date has to be Portland, it has the most fantastic collection of food trucks around the city with a real hub of activity centred just off Bryant Square – be prepared, go hungry and do a loop before committing – there is nothing worst than food envy.

Which road trip is next up?

Fun filled Florida I think.


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