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los angeles views from the air

Date: 17th June 2017

The West

Flying over the Red Rocks and Deserts of the States of the American West contrasts dramatically with the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. Taking a peek of Los Angeles from the air, even though you are travelling at up to 500 miles per hour. You feel like you are approaching LA for an age, this city is huge! But these minutes give you the chance to see the city from the unique point of view. A rare arial view. Interested fellow passengers in non-window seats stretched out their necks to grasp a glimpse of the city they had come to visit, the perks of a window seat!

Next thing, we’re flying over the San Fernando Valley, the Hollywood Hills come into view on our right, with a tiny glimpse of the Hollywood sign just visible from the air. Next, we take a short detour over the ocean before landing in LAX. Los Angeles has its familiar tower called the ‘Theme Building’. It was built and designed in 1961 by the architect James Langenheim and seen on many a film or TV show shot in LA. Such significant landmarks all let you know you have arrived way out West. We are in L.A!

Theme Building, LAX

Theme Building, LAX


LAX is a great big airport with so many different places to eat, shop the duty free and explore. Inbound or outbound, this is a calming stop along your travels, amid the bustle of the big city.  After a relaxing long haul flight, the Airport is easy to navigate onwards to begin your American Road Trip.

So, now to start planning your very own road trip.

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