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Beverly Hills street with palm trees at sunset, Los Angeles, California

Top 20 Places to Visit in California in 2024

California Dreaming? California may just be our favourite US state at ARTCo, so we have curated our top 20 places to visit to inspire your very own California Road Trip. Enjoy taking a look through our favourite places, and once you’re done, get in touch to talk through your ideas and let’s get you on the road!

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1. San Francisco, California

As the rolling mist retreats, it unveils the iconic city of San Francisco! Despite spanning just 7×7 miles, this city is an adventure hub.

Where’s San Francisco? Located on the Golden West Coast of the USA in Northern California, San Francisco is snug against the Pacific Coast, ranking as the fifth most densely populated city in the US.

What to do in San Francisco? San Francisco is brimming with iconic landmarks and attractions. The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge is a must-visit, towering at an impressive 746 feet tall. Whether you drive, cycle, or walk across, you are treated to breathtaking views of the Bay Area.
You’ll hear the buzz of Fisherman’s Wharf before you see it. Pier 39 is home to some adorable sea lions that bask and bark all day, leaving the pier only during the breeding season from June to July. Pier 39 offers an array of restaurants, attractions, and shops, all with the stunning backdrop of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Alcatraz Island is a must-visit while you’re in the city. Secure your spot on the tour through Alcatraz Cruises before your trip, as it’s a popular attraction. Consider a night tour for breathtaking views of San Francisco!
Chinatown, Union Square, Haight-Ashbury, and Lombard Street are other must-see spots on your San Francisco Road Trip.

Where to eat in San Francisco? Stroll down to the waterfront along Fisherman’s Wharf for baskets filled with as much seafood as you can handle. Follow your nose to the oldest Chinatown in the United States for incredible cuisine, or cross the Golden Gate for exceptional waterfront restaurants.

Getting Around San Francisco.  San Francisco boasts an underground BART system that’s excellent for city transportation, including links to and from the airport. Despite its famously steep hills, the city is easily walkable, and when your feet need a break, you can hop on one of the iconic cable cars.

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Lombard Street, San Francisco, California Coast, USA

Lombard Street, San Francisco, California Coast

2. Monterey, California

Monterey is a beautiful town on the Central Pacific Coast of California. Made famous by the local author John Steinbeck, Monterey sits alongside Carmel, and both merge into one place to visit along your road trip, each within a short drive of the other. Once the site of over-fishing for the booming sardine industry, Monterey now protects their waterfront, which is a national marine sanctuary and with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, has consequently brought the wildlife back to the bay in abundance.

What to do in Monterey Bay, California? Cannery Row, a street full of former fish-packing plants, is now a collection of restaurants, quirky shops and hotels. You can hire bikes or kayak in the bay amongst the sea otters and jellyfish. Cycle tours are also available for the impressive 17-mile drive along Pebble Beach. Read more about The 17 Mile DriveSet out on a whale-watching tour to catch a glimpse up close. A sighting is near-guaranteed as the whales migrate through the bay throughout the year. To fully appreciate and understand the efforts of the bay’s community, you must visit the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, which offers experiences up close with the marine life and educational activities.

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Humpback Whale in Monterey Bay, California, USA

Humpback Whale in Monterey Bay, California

3. Carmel, California

Carmel-by-the-Sea is a quaint little town in Monterey County, full of historic buildings like something straight out of a fairytale.

Where is Carmel? You will reach Carmel-by-the-Sea as you drive along Highway 1. Located just 15 minutes away from Monterey, or two hours south of San Francisco. 

What to do in Carmel? Whether you’re passing through or staying to relax for a few nights, Carmel will reward you with some of the most beautiful, whimsical scenery, historic sights, galleries, shops, and gorgeous restaurants.

 Ten minutes driving along the coast will bring you to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve which offers a picture-perfect setting with giant kelp forests, sea otters, and sea lions, where a $10 per vehicle entrance fee provides access to endless Pacific Ocean views, captivating rock formations, and vibrant tide pools.

Where to stay in Carmel? With so many beautiful little inns and charming properties, you will need help to choose where to stay. One of our particular favourites is The Lamp Lighter Inn. There’s a beautiful, cosy courtyard in the centre of the comfy rooms with fire pits and decorative birdhouses. 

Where to next… As you drive south along Highway 1, you will reach Bixby Bridge. Bixby Bridge marks the beginning of Big Sur, which, as you head south, will lead you to San Simeon and Cambria, then onwards to Santa Barbara. If you are heading north, you will drive through Pebble Beach, near 17-Mile drive and onto Monterey

A little-known fact about Carmel…  Generally, there are no street addresses here. The residents made this decision in the early days as they wanted to encourage people to know their neighbours, which residents still encourage to date as they collect post from the post office. Additionally, there are no street lights since residents wanted to keep light pollution to a minimum. Great for a night under the stars, of course! 

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Main Beach in Carmel by the Sea, California, USA

Main Beach, Carmel by the Sea, California

4. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a treasure! You will be amazed as you reach the colossal granite cliff faces and venture into the valley.

How big is Yosemite National Park? Yosemite National Park is as tall as it is wide. Ok, not quite, but it does feel that way! 1,100 square miles of giant trees, thunderous waterfalls, and granite cliff faces.

How do you pronounce Yosemite? ‘Yo-sem-it-ee’.

The top things to do in Yosemite National Park? 

  1.  There are so many different trails, all ranging in difficulty and elevation. Glacier Point, Lower Mariposa Grove, Mirror Lake, and Lower Yosemite Falls are among the more accessible hikes under a 2-mile round trip, each as rewarding to complete with such exceptional forest views! 
  2.  Keep an eye open at all times for wildlife! There are Black Bears in Yosemite, Mountain Lions and Bighorn Sheep. Whilst it’s unlikely you will come close to these animals, you should ‘bear’ in mind that this is their home.
  3.  Rock Climbing – Whilst you may not be geared up for your own climb, you should be sure to check out the hardcore, expert climbers crawling up the granite faces. You will need binoculars to see this; look out for the guys suspended in mid-air. 
  4. Before you visit Yosemite National Park, take time to watch the breathtaking, Oscar-winning documentary ‘Free Solo,” which follows rock climber Alex Honnold on his quest to perform the very first free solo climb of Yosemite’s El Capitan … Gripping stuff!
  5.  Stop at the famous viewpoints! Yosemite’s Tunnel View, Glacier Point and Olmsted Point offer breathtaking views spanning miles. 
  6.  Depending on when your road tripping through California, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Yosemite’s famous ‘Firefall’! For a short period each February, each sunset brings a moment when the waterfall glows a warm orange, and it looks like the lava is flowing over the cliff. 

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Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, California, USA, top 5 best national parks in california

Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, California

5. Death Valley National Park, California

Extreme climate and geology form an inhospitable environment which makes you transcend onto another planet, such is the feeling of its searing heat. Famous for being the hottest and driest place in the world, the roads here are superb, dipping and leaning through curves before straightening as you dip to 85m below sea level in the salt flats of Badwater.

Death Valley National Park is a land of magnificent, yet dangerous, extremes. This area recently broke the records for the highest recorded temperature on the planet! On August 16th, 2020, temperatures rose to 53°C, (130°F) which is the hottest Death Valley has been since 1913.

What to do in Death Valley National Park? Death Valley has extreme climates, making up 1.3 million hectares of intriguing desert landscapes. There are many ways to experience this landscape, including hiking, biking, climbing and horseback riding. Dante’s View gives you views of the entire valley, whilst Zabriskie Point is another famous viewing point. Badwater Basin is the lowest point in the US at 282 feet below sea level, where you can walk out onto the salty flats.

How much does it cost to enter Death Valley National Park? A fee of $30 per vehicle will allow access to the national park for 7 days. 

Is there wildlife in Death Valley? Death Valley isn’t entirely inhabitable despite extreme drought and soaring temperatures. Surprisingly, Coyotes, Bats, Bobcats, Big Horn sheep and even the occasional Mountain Lion are among the wildlife making a home in this desert land.

Top Tip… Death Valley can undoubtedly be dangerous for those who are poorly prepared. So, be sure to be prepared by fueling up the car and ensuring you’ve water before making the journey. 

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Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley National Park, California

6. Napa and Sonoma Valley, California

Napa Valley, California, is amongst the most beautiful and luxurious places to visit in America. Home to some of the finest vineyards in the world, Napa and Sonoma Valley have an abundance of exceptional international wineries and tasting rooms.

Where is Napa Valley, California? Just 50 miles northeast of San Francisco, you will reach Napa Valley in the north of California. Sonoma Valley sits alongside Napa Valley, offering a laid-back, country vibe.

What to do in Napa and Sonoma Valley? Napa Valley stretches for 30 miles. That’s 30 miles of winery pit-stops!

 With so many wineries to choose from, you could book a tour which can take you between tastings and recommend where to go. Some of our favourite tours include ‘Laces and Limos’, which gives you a unique tour of the Valley between tastings by way of a Tuk Tuk, or ‘Getaway Adventures’, which offers cycling tours! Not to mention the world-famous Napa Valley Wine Train, offering the ultimate experience of the Valley.

Napa and Sonoma Valley aren’t just for wine lovers, however, with a thriving culinary scene, beautiful outdoor countryside and lots of art and culture to absorb. Napa is where you will find Oxbow Public Market, a hub of great food.

Did you know…California produces 90% of the wine in America!

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Vineyards in Napa Valley, California wine region, USA

Vineyards in Napa Valley, California wine region

7. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California, is the world’s largest Alpine Lake, and the water is so clear that objects can be seen to depths of 75 feet!

Where is Lake Tahoe? You will find Lake Tahoe in the High Sierras in the east of California, stretching over into Nevada. Here, you will find an adventure in every season. Winter and spring see snow-capped mountains, majestic ski slopes and world-class alpine resorts. Once the snow melts into the summer, it reveals bright colours of luscious greenery and topaz blue waters. Separated by 21 miles of pristine water, the lake shores are divided into north and south. Both sides have skiing, water sports, excellent food and beautiful scenery, so you don’t need to choose between them as they’re easily visited as you drive around the lake.

North Lake Tahoe is relaxed and laid back. Here, you can re-energise by the water or ski like a pro. In contrast, South Lake Tahoe is for the more energetic visitors. Tahoe South has nightlife, a huge art scene and plenty of Tahoe sports. South Lake Tahoe is also home to the beautiful Emerald Bay. Witness the iconic shot of Emerald Bay as you drive around the lake or on a hiking trail for a quiet spot.

What to do at Lake Tahoe? A visit to Lake Tahoe would only be complete with hopping on a paddleboard on the glistening waters. If a kayak is more your thing, clear-bottom kayaks are available to take out with Clearly Tahoe

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Emerald Bay after sunset, South Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Emerald Bay after sunset, South Lake Tahoe, California

8. Joshua Tree National Park

Visit Joshua Tree National Park, where the landscape looks otherworldly, like you’ve entered a Dr Seuss book! Enjoy unusual rock formations, peculiar plants, and views stretching miles over the Coachella Valley.

Where is Joshua Tree National Park? Joshua Tree National Park is straddling the Colorado and Mojave Deserts in California near Palm Springs. The crossover of deserts and ecosystems results in unusual fauna and flora, including the Joshua Tree.

What to do in Joshua Tree National Park? There are so many trails and hikes to explore within the park for all levels of adventurers. With unusual rock faces, such as Skull Rock, it is clear to see why the park is well known for its rock climbing! Catch a sunset or sunrise on your road trip through Joshua Tree. 

What is the weather like in Joshua Tree National Park? The weather in Joshua Tree National Park can be super hot in the summer and chilly through the winter, but at least the sky remains pretty clear all year round. Though it’s in the middle of the desert, Joshua Tree National Park occasionally witnesses rain and can even see snowfall. The ‘wet season’ runs from December through March. 

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Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA. Top 5 Best National Parks in California

Joshua Tree National Park, California

9. Palm Springs, California

Like a mirage in the desert, Palm Springs is a scene of luscious greenery and film-set streets. 

Where is Palm Springs? You will find Palm Springs in the Sonoran Desert in Southern California. 1.5 hours drive from Los Angeles, 3 hours outside of Lake Havasu and 2 hours from San Diego.

What to do on your visit to Palm Springs? If you’ve had enough rest, relaxation and pampering in the Spa’s if you’re all golfed out and want to explore, you can feed the Giraffes at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens or visit the Palm Springs Air Museum before heading out to The Shops at thirteen forty-five for some serious shopping! Palm Springs is rich in visitor experiences, with the Coachella Valley Music and arts festival and Modernism Week. Bike tours are popular in Palm Springs, the ground being flat, making it an easy ride.

Where to stay in Palm Springs? In Palm Springs you’ll find a diverse array of hotels, from luxurious mid-century modern resorts with iconic architecture and lavish amenities to boutique accommodations nestled against the backdrop of the picturesque desert landscape.

Where to eat in Palm Springs? ‘Cheeky’s’ offers bacon flights and house-made cinnamon rolls among their popular and creative menu. Azucar Restaurant is the perfect mix of BOHO chic and cool Palm Springs.

When is the Best Time of year to visit Palm Springs? April is a picture-perfect time to visit Palm Springs. The sun is hot enough for the pool but not too hot, and the bougainvillaea is out in full bloom. Ideal for that Insta-shot! Though, to be honest, there is no wrong time to visit! 

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Palm Springs in California, USA

Palm trees in Palm Springs in California

10. Los Angeles, California

There is so much to see in Los Angeles that it could be a country of its own. With different boroughs and neighbourhoods, each area offers a totally different experience and flavour, so you will certainly find a piece of Los Angeles that’s ‘you’!

What to do in Los Angeles? There are so many ever-evolving, dynamic things to see in Los Angeles that even the people who live here won’t have seen it all. Head to Hollywood for many of LA’s most popular tourist destinations.

Venice Beach Head over to Venice Beach for a dose of bohemian vibes, eclectic people-watching, and a lively scene of artistic street performers and vendors. The beachfront boardwalk is a haven for eclectic characters, from dancers and musicians to street performers, offering a vibrant spectacle perfect for a few hours of people-watching. Check out the waterfront skatepark and Muscle Beach Gym, too!

Santa Monica You won’t pass a street without an adorned wall here; there are over 130 incredible street art murals to be found in Santa Monica! A city within Los Angeles, California, Santa Monica is 8 miles from LAX, 14 miles from Hollywood and 7 miles from Beverly Hills. That’s if you’re even driving at all. Many areas are walkable between hopping on and off a tour bus or Ubering around the city.

What to do in Santa Monica? Make your way to the Santa Monica Pier. There are rides and activities for the whole family here. Take a ride on the giant Ferris wheel and get some excellent views from the top! Bike rentals are available nearby. If you’ve not yet crammed some shopping into your Californian Road Trip, then Third Street Promenade is the place to start. 

Beverly Hills is Home to the rich and famous and flaunts the best of the best. For celeb-spotting and lavish shopping, Rodeo Drive is the place to be. The Saban Theatre is a glamorous Art Deco theatre with many shows. Don’t leave Beverly Hills without stopping at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The famous ‘pink palace’ has been the spot for Hollywood’s biggest stars for over a century. 

Los Angeles Beaches Each of the beaches of Los Angeles has a different vibe to them. Visit Santa Monica’s pier for excitement in the amusement park marking the very end of Route 66. For a truly eclectic collection of people, visit the nearby beach town of Venice. If you don’t have much time in Los Angeles, make sure Venice is on your radar before you leave.

Top Tip for visiting Los Angeles… Remain open-minded. People generally assume Los Angeles will look similar to a movie set. It’s so much more than that, this is an actual city, albeit with movie sets and stars everywhere. It is a brilliant city with so much to offer; don’t get overwhelmed by the size and spirit of L.A.

Don’t leave Los Angeles without… Sampling some of the many street food trucks across the city. Top chefs use these food trucks as a creative outlet – They are super affordable and will not disappoint! 

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Los Angeles, Hollywood Walk of fame, New Orleans to Los Angeles

Hollywood Walk of fame, Los Angeles

11. Santa Barbara, California

You’ll know you are approaching Santa Barbara, California, when you start to spot the red-tiled rooftops.

Where is Santa Barbara? As you drive from North to South along the Pacific Coast Highway, you will find Santa Barbara between Pismo Beach and Los Angeles, shortly after Solvang. Santa Barbara is 2 hours drive from Los Angeles, 1 hour 40 mins drive from San Luis Obispo and 2 hours 10 mins from Cambria. It’s an ideal stop along your Californian road trip for a laid-back lunch and a relaxed afternoon exploring before heading to your next destination.

Don’t leave Santa Barbara without… Hitting up the Farmers Market. Pick up everything you need for a picnic, done like a true Californian.

What to do in Santa Barbara, California? Whether you have a couple of days to spend here or are just passing through, there is loads of laid-back luxury to immerse yourself in this picturesque town. Enjoy the Spanish Colonial Architecture that is prominent all over the city, and indulge in the rich history behind it. Visit State Street for some serious shopping, or head to Arroyo Burro Beach for family-friendly fun! A visit to the Courthouse in Santa Barbara will show you the beautiful Spanish architecture and outstanding decorations that adorn each room. Climb to the top for panoramic views of the whole town. 

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Old Mission in Santa Barbara, California, USA

Old Mission in Santa Barbara, California

12. Sequoia National Park

High up in the mountain live the giants. Surrounded by deep canyons, and massive mountains, everything is huge! Visit Sequoia National Park and nearby Kings Canyon National Park. The two parks are ideally close to each other, so you can visit in the same day. 

Where to find Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks? You will find Sequoia National Park right beside Kings Canyon National Park high in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. As you drive in, you will reach nearly 5,000 feet in elevation, and as the air takes your breath away-you’ll be rewarded with the most amazing views!

What to do in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks? There aren’t many places where you can walk beneath some of the tallest trees on earth, drive through a fallen giant, peer down the deepest canyons and hike granite mountains! Take a drive along the Kings Canyon scenic byway; a winding road running beside the Kings River. Visit the natural wonder, General Sherman, n Sequoia National Park. This is the largest living tree (by volume). He’s 275 feet tall and 36 feet in diameter at the base. 

Top Tip… The National Park Service has a free Mobile app which can guide you through the parks, even without a mobile phone signal. Download the app before your journey and ‘download offline content in the app settings.’  

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Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, California. Top 5 Best National Parks in California.

Sequoia National Park, California

13. Mojave Desert, California

The Mojave Desert is a lonely yet beautiful place, with a deafening silence tearing through once you’ve turned the car engine off.
Famed for its alien sightings and numerous ghost towns, the Mojave Desert is a place for people to escape the pace of nearby Las Vegas and find peace and quiet. The Mojave Desert is the driest place in North America, an endless desert with little shade, with spectacular sunsets being more frequent than the rain.

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Route 66, Big two road trip

Part of Route 66 through the Mojave Desert

14. San Diego, California

In San Diego, you will find beautiful beaches, incredible weather and unbeatable cuisine. 

Where is San Diego? San Diego is one of the major cities in California, close to the Mexican border. San Diego is 2.5 hour’s drive from Los Angeles, nearly 3 hour’s drive from Joshua Tree National Park and 5 hour’s drive from Lake Havasu.

 What is the weather like in San Diego? One thing you can count on in California is the sunshine, making San Diego a great road trip stop all year. San Diego has average temperatures of 72 degrees, with July to October averaging 76 degrees. Locals often say “May Grey” and “June Gloom” for these two months when the marine layer forms offshore, but it’s typically burnt off before noon.

 What to do in San Diego? First things first – hit the beach! Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach are gorgeous sunny spots where you can check out fun beach bars and cafes and do a spot of shopping. Later on, visit the Gaslamp Quarter as it comes alive at night, with wine bars, bowling alleys and clubs lining the streets. Attractions across San Diego include the incredible Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo. The USS Midway is a particularly great way to spend a few hours. This historic naval aircraft carrier turned museum houses a collection of aircrafts, all of which you can enter and explore!

Food and Drink in San Diego, California… San Diego is the ‘Craft Beer Capital’ of America! With award-winning brews across the city, there’s a lot you need to sample! Brewery tours are available and highly recommended to get a real flavour behind the scenes. Titled one of “America’s best cities for foodies” by Travel & Leisure magazine, San Diego has an insane culinary scene full of unique flavours and creativity. Only 20 miles from the Mexican border, the Mexican food here is phenomenal!

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Balboa Park in San Diego, California

Balboa Park in San Diego, California

15. Redwood National Park, California

Walk amongst the giants! Get outdoors and re-discover nature at its finest at the top of California, where you can find yourself amongst the world’s tallest living things. Visit Redwoods National Park, home to nearly half of the world’s coast Redwood trees. These giants grow over 350 feet and for this reason, the ancient trees are well-protected within the National Park.

Where is Redwood National Park? You will find Redwood National Park on the northwestern edge of California and it’s filled with trees so big they make you feel tiny. There are also 70 miles of coastal trails leading to driftwood-laden shorelines. 

When is the best time to visit Redwood National Park? The best time is between late April and September when there is slightly less chance of rain. 

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Walking amongst the trees, Redwood National Park, California, USA

Redwood National Park, California

16. Santa Cruz, California

‘Cruz’ your way along the Pacific Coast and enjoy this classic Californian Beach Town. 

Where is Santa Cruz, California? Santa Cruz is on the central coast of California. South of San Francisco, and is only a 1.5-hour drive along the coast, only 40 minutes drive from San Jose, and 50 minutes drive from Monterey along Highway 1.

What to do in Santa Cruz? Visit the iconic Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, where stepping into the amusement park is like stepping back in time, with classic rides and carousels and the smell of kettle corn and deep-fried Twinkies. No visit to Santa Cruz would be complete without checking out the surfers! Pleasure Point and West Cliff Drive are prime spots to watch the spectacular surfers in action. If you fancy hitting the waves yourself, there are many surf schools within the city. ‘The Mystery Spot’ is found here, where the laws of gravity are questioned. There are also loads of exciting trails and hikes.

 Berry Creek Falls Trail at Big Basin State Park is just one of the many where you can climb and walk to reach the most gorgeous views. Lastly, get outdoors and visit Natural Bridges State Beach, where you can search tide pools filled with sea anemones, crabs and creatures. Thousands of Monarch butterflies flock to the nearby grasslands each year. 

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17. Marin County, California

Head North over the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge and discover the treasures within Tiburon and Sausalito. Marin County is beautiful!

Where is Marin County, California? You will find Marin County in Northern California. As you cross San Francisco‘s Golden Gate, you enter Marin County. Tiburon, Sausalito, Mill Valley and Muir Woods are some of the gems here.

What State Parks are in Marin County? There is an abundance of National State parks to be explored in Marin County, with 16,000 acres of parks and preserves – there are loads to explore. Point Reyes Playground, Tiburon Uplands and Castro Park are just a few. The Bay Area has miles of beaches, each easy to reach by car. Explore the woods through the towering Redwoods before relaxing by the breezy ocean on one of the many northern Californian beaches! 

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

18. Mount Shasta, California

Right at the top of California lies Mount Shasta. Early west coast explorer John Muir wrote: “When I first caught sight of it I was 50 miles away and afoot, alone and weary. Yet all my blood turned to wine, and I have not been weary since”. As John Muir got closer he would have seen sparkling lakes and emerald green forests at Mount Shasta’s feet.

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Mount Shasta, California, USA. Forrest

Mount Shasta, California

19. Disneyland, California

Whether you’re aged 25 or 85, travelling solo or taking the kids road tripping, there’s a bit of Disney for everyone!

Disneyland is in Anaheim, Los Angeles, and is home to 2 theme parks; Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. It’s the ultimate magical destination, where enchanting fairy tales come to life amongst iconic attractions, kids favourite characters, and an atmosphere of pure joy and imagination.

How much time to spend at Disneyland?  Our road trippers usually spend a day or two within the park. There’s so much more to see in Los Angeles, and the nature of our trips and being on the move allows you to soak it all up along the way.

How to book tickets to Disneyland Park? There’s a range of ticket types available to purchase, depending on your time here. Talk to your road trip expert about your preferences and we can explore the options with you.


20. Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California, has got it all! From fresh produce to historical interest and even a coffee culture set to prosper.

Sacramento, California’s capital city, exudes a rich blend of history and modernity, with its historic Old Town, iconic Capitol building. Your road trip through Sacramento will explore Gold Rush-era attractions, California State Capital tours, buzzing outdoor adventures, in addition to hotels, dining and cultural arts for every taste and budget.

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Tower Bridge in Sacramento California

Tower Bridge in Sacramento California

In conclusion, we’re sure you’ll agree that California is pretty spectacular!

If you’ve got this far and still haven’t decided if California is the road trip for you then talk to one of our friendly team and let’s chat through some alternative ideas.

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