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Rachel and Jim

Date: 19th June 2018

Sorry this has taken a week to reach you, we have been getting over jetlag and sorting our lives out!

Firstly I don’t even know where to start but we just wanted to thank you and Artco for all the work you did to create such a wonderful trip for our honeymoon to California. We had the best three weeks of our lives! Every detail and hotel was well thought out and well planned, we didn’t have one single issue whilst we were away… it really could not have gone any smoother.

We loved the driving and stopping off along all the roads and looking at all the little towns and landmarks along the way, when we have been telling people all the things we have done and seen, they can’t believe how much we managed to fit in to one trip! We had a brand new Mustang from Alamo, only 4 miles on the clock when we collected it so that was pretty special – we returned it with just shy of 3000!! We did think about driving around the block a few times so it would tick over but LAX hasn’t got the scenery we had become accustomed to!

I think whilst everything was amazing in its own right we think our favourite part had to be the drive from Lone Pine to Tahoe and then to Yosemite. That part of California is just really special, Yosemite might just be the most beautiful place on Earth.

I guess our only question would be what time of year would you recommend the Blue Ridge Cruiser trip? 🙂

Thank you again, for everything!

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