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reasons for using our services

Have a look at just why it's an easy decision to use The American Road Trip Company to arrange your fly-drive holiday to the USA or Canada.

We’ve laid out the major reasons why we think this decision is a no brainer and have included some customer feedback letters within the testimonials section. You can also read our Mission Statement!

Why book with us?

there's a reason why americans don't travel abroad - north america has it all! so read on to find out just why it's the american road trip company that should take you there.

#1 American Road Trips Are The Ultimate Holiday Experience

Imagine a holiday that has mountains, coastal roads, pristine beaches, national parks and some of the worlds greatest cities – all linked by stunning scenic roads that carve through these great nations. Much of the above can be tasted in just one day, as you cruise the highways and byways of North America. Once experienced, you won’t be able to sit on a sun lounger for two weeks ever again. Go explore!

#2 Unrivaled American Road Trip Expertise

Our 9 team members have been organising road trips through America for many a year now. As a team we’ve personally clocked up over 250,000 miles of road trip experience over more than 20 years, and it’s that vital know-how that will help us construct the perfect road trip for you, whilst also providing the knowledgable customer support you may require. The American Road Trip Company was born because it was clear that existing tour operators would often make poor judgements within their trips listed on their websites and brochures. Boring interstates were chosen over gorgeous scenic routes. Not enough time allocated to explore places of interest or too many miles and too many hotel changes were piled on. This is a holiday for an expert, don’t leave for the inexperienced – we are here to help and advise.

#3 We Offer Outstanding Value For Money 

As a small company we don’t incur some of the expensive costs that our larger competitors do. Amongst other things expensive retail and office rents, large wage bills and costly brochures add hundreds of pounds to every holiday purchased through other tour operators. The American Road Trip Company’s business structure is specifically designed to deliver you outstanding value for money – In fact, our 4 star plus holidays are often in line with our competitors value packages.

#4 Save Your Precious Time, And Leave It All To Us

Organising an American road trip is time consuming to say the least, there is so much to bear in mind. From finding the right hotel to researching the most scenic roads and much more. Many weekends and evenings can be lost in search of the perfect road trip. The guys at The American Road Trip Company have already put in the years of vital research, so keep your weekends and evenings for yourself and let the professionals put in the hours for you.

#5 Personalised Trips

You can choose from our packaged road trips or a 100% bespoke solution. Either way, your road trip will be personalised to meet YOUR preferences and requirements. These will include your hotel and car preferences, your interests and the amount of miles you wish to cover. Don’t leave your trip up to a one size fits all database or someone that has never even been to America. Leave it to a fellow roadtripper that will work hard to give you an amazing road trip that matches YOUR exact wishes.

#6 We Under-Trade

We are committed to achieving the highest level of customer service and as such we strictly limit the number of tours we organise per year. That way, we are there for you when you need us.

#7 Our Best Price Guarantee

Every quote, every day represents our very best price. No need to worry about sales or promotions. And no dodgy marketing offering 20% off an artificially higher full price.

#8 The Very Best Roads

Some holiday operators focus purely on the destination, we value the journey just as highly. Our knowledge of which roads will thrill and delight your senses is invaluable. Other operators simply point you from A to B, we’ll show you how to discover the real North America along the way.

#9 Personalised Itinerary Packs

Every road trip is unique in some way, that’s why we create a personalised travel pack to help you get the most out of your valuable holiday time. The pack contains a day by day itinerary, driving tips, maps, hotel information, emergency numbers and so much more. This pack will provide you with the knowledge to explore North America with confidence – Organised freedom.

#10 Exciting Activities

All our packages are made up of flights, hotels and car hire. But should you want to experience a hot air balloon ride, horse riding or any other activity then we would be happy to present you with any options that may exist for you to purchase separately.

#11 Our Concierge Service

We don’t stop helping once we send out your itinerary pack – if you need help or support while you’re away, then just give us a call or drop us an email.

#12 ATOL Protection For Your Money

Every trip organised by The American Road Trip Company is fully protected under the Government’s ATOL protection scheme. So sit back and relax with the knowledge that your money is 100% safe while we go to work for you.

Our Mission Statement

The goal of everyone at THE AMERICAN ROAD TRIP COMPANY is to provide superbly well organised and personalised road trips that will inspire, replenish and astonish our customers for a price that is considered outstanding value for money no matter what the budget. We will offer outstanding service, whether the customer is pre-tour, on tour or having returned home. Our team will never quench its thirst for knowledge or their wish to surpass our customer’s expectations.

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