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Wonders of the West

San Francisco, Yosemite NP, Zion NP, Bryce NP, Grand Canyon NP, Monument Valley, Grand Teton NP, Yellowstone NP & More

9 National Parks, countless state parks, national monuments and remarkable outdoor nature such as Lake Tahoe, Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley. Set off from San Francisco and you’ll find it easy to see why the West is Wonderful!


Wonders of the West 21 nights

All of our American road trips can be tailored to meet your requirements. Do you have more or less than 21 days for your road trip? No problem, we can bolt on extra nights to allow more time to explore or shorten the number of destinations as required. Just let us know when requesting your quote.

A spectacular success, immaculate planning!


The Golden Gate

Day 1

Arrive in The Golden Gate City

Spanning the headlands of San Fran and Marin County, one of the worlds most beautiful bridges is a delightful experience whether you walk, bike or drive across. You can also gain stunning views of the bridge and the city beyond by driving up Conzelman rd on the north side of the bridge. Once you hit town, you’ll be able to explore the cities iconic places.

  • Key location: San Francisco, CA
  • San Francisco, CA

Lombard St

Day 2

Explore Americas favourite City

Once the fog lifts, one of America’s favourite cities will be revealed. Ride a cable car, climb the streets and get into the vibe that only this city can offer. Full of Victorian charm, famous movie locations and wealthy tech companies, this city has it all and is rightly considered one of America’s favourite cities.

  • Key location: San Francisco, CA
  • San Francisco, CA

Alcatraz on The Rock

Day 3

Spend your third day soaking up San Fran

A second full day to explore San Fran’s must-see places which will be listed in your personalised Road Trip Pack. These “must see” places include Coit Tower, Lombard Street, the Painted Ladies, Union Square and Alcatraz to name just a few. Whilst you’re in San Francisco you simply must experience some of the best Chinese food in the world, thanks to the large Chinese community that call this city home.

  • Key location: San Francisco, CA
  • San Francisco, CA

Crystal Clear Waters

Day 4

Onwards to the beautiful Lake Tahoe

You’ll follow I-80 and the Lincoln Highway to find the beautiful blue waters of Lake Tahoe and the mountains that surround it. Spend the afternoon kayaking on the lake, skiing on the mountains or just relax on one of the lakes many lovely beaches. If you fancy a drive, then you can circle Lake Tahoe along scenic highways in around 2 hours. Lake Tahoe is completely surrounded by snow-capped alpine mountains, this natural wonder is quite a sight to behold. During the winter months classy ski resorts can be enjoyed and in the summer you can kayak on the crystal clear waters or relax on one of the beaches.

  • Key location: Lake Tahoe, CA
  • Lake Tahoe, CA
  • 194 Miles

Lush Yosemite Valley

Day 5

The majestic Yosemite National Park awaits

Drive south down the scenic Highway 395, with deserts to the left and alpine mountains to the right. Once you reach the weird and wonderful Mono Lake, you can head east over the Tioga Pass (June-October) and into majestic Yosemite National Park.

  • Key location: Yosemite NP
  • Yosemite NP
  • 124 Miles

Glorious Sunsets

Day 6

A full day experiencing the wonders of Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is over 1,000 square kilometres of nature at it’s very best. The most visited area of the Park is the Valley Floor where you'll find vast rock faces, abundant wildlife, staggering views and stunning waterfalls. Leave enough time to visit Glacier Point, which we believe offers the best views in all Yosemite.

  • Key location: Yosemite NP
  • Yosemite NP

Driving in Death Valley

Day 7

Cruise towards Death Valley

Death Valley has an extreme climate and geology. The roads here are superb, dipping and leaning around curves before straightening out as you dip to 85m below sea level in the salt flats of Badwater. You'll start your drive on the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada. It's one of the longer days driving but carries with it three awesome experiences.

  • Key location: Death Valley NP
  • Furnace Creek, CA
  • 293 Miles

Zion NP

Day 8

Pass through Las Vegas on your way to Zion NP

On the way to Zion National Park you'll pass through Las Vegas. Today is a long driving day however you can't miss seeing the famous "Strip" and grabbing a bite to eat en route to Zion. We can always add in a stop here if you'd like to stay in Las Vegas for an overnight of two? Onward to Zion, emerald pools, lush green trees, rust red canyon walls and crystal clear skies are all crammed into this narrow valley. This combination of colours is a visual delight and the park's trails offer many more. Zion National Park is one of The American Road Trip Company’s favourite destinations.

  • Key location: Zion NP
  • Zion NP
  • 290 Miles

Zions' wonderful trails

Day 9

Explore Heaven on Earth- Zion NP

More time to wander the trails and take in the geological wonders of Zion National Park. You may want to try and tackle Angel's Landing trail, culminating at a lofty perch, boasting magnificent 360-degree views over the valley below. Alternatively, walk the famous 'Narrows' which are often knee deep in water. Tonight, enjoy a meal in the town of Springdale, with plenty of local options to choose from.

  • Key location: Zion NP
  • Zion NP

Breathtaking Bryce Canyon

Day 10

Onto the stunning Bryce Canyon National Park

Travel to Bryce Canyon today. This National Park is famous for more unique geology made up of a series of horseshoe-shaped amphitheatres carved from the eastern edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. The erosional force of frost-wedging and the dissolving power of rainwater have shaped the colourful limestone rock into bizarre shapes, including slot canyons, windows, fins, and spires called "hoodoos".

  • Key location: Bryce Canyon NP
  • Bryce Canyon NP
  • 84 Miles

Hello Grand Canyon!!!

Day 11

Get blown away by the Grand Canyon

The worlds largest and most well known geological wonder is just staggering. Two billion years in the making, the Colorado River has forged a mile deep, 18 miles wide and 277-mile long gauge into Arizona. Following our routing, you'll stay at the North Rim which is quieter than the larger south rim but has fantastic views and is less touristy too.

  • Key location: Grand Canyon NP
  • Grand Canyon NP
  • 159 Miles

Lake Powell

Day 12

Drive to Page via Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Amongst the red-rock is a small oasis of water at Lake Powell. The lake encircles beautiful rock formations, sandstone cliffs and even beaches. Lake Powell differs from Utah’s other wonders in that it is man-made but this doesn’t detract from its beauty. The best way to see the lake is of course on the water itself. You can hire a boat or take a guided boat trip from the Lake Powell Marina.

  • Key location: Antelope Canyon
  • Page, AZ
  • 124 Miles

Monument Valley at Dusk

Day 13

Time to discover Monument Valley

Put your spurs and chaps on, and head to classic cowboy country. As you cross the Utah and Arizona border you’ll witness proud and majestic “Mittens”, made up of every shade of orange and red. This is another chance to prove your photography skills, although the scenery is so stunning here that even a novice will look like a pro.

  • Key location: Monument Valley
  • Monument Valley, AZ
  • 127 Miles

Canyonlands NP

Day 14

North to the Canyonlands of South Utah

Heading north today you'll drive along one of the most scenic roads in Utah from the Arizona border. On route make sure you stop at Bluff for lunch and as you get closer to Moab, Dead Horse Point State Park with dramatic views from above the Colorado River gives you an ultimate Instagrammable shot. Canyonlands National Park is Utah's biggest in size and is a colourful landscape eroded into countless canyons, mesas and buttes by the Colorado and the Green Rivers.

  • Key location: Arches NP
  • Moab, UT
  • 157 Miles

Sunsets at Arches NP

Day 15

A second day exploring the amazing Arches

The main highlight nearby is Arches National Park, with its iconic red-rock landscape. The park has over 2,000 natural stone arches, in addition to hundreds of soaring pinnacles, massive fins and giant balanced rocks. This really is a wonderland of geological proportions not found anywhere else in the world. Be sure to catch the sunset in the park if you can.

  • Key location: Arches NP
  • Moab, UT

The Open Road

Day 16

Pay a visit to the Dinosaurs!

After leaving the Canyonlands of South Utah, you'll cruise the scenic roads up to Dinosaur National Monument. Dinosaurs once roamed here and their fantastic remains are still visible embedded in the rocks. Today, the mountains, desert and untamed rivers flowing in deep canyons, support an array of life.

  • Key location: Dinosaur NM
  • Vernal
  • 186 Miles

Crystal Clear Lakes

Day 17

Head North to Grand Teton National Park

Head north to Grand Teton National Park today, which more than holds its own amongst its more famous neighbour you'll visit in a couple of days time. The park has a rich mix of extraordinary wildlife, pristine lakes and stunning alpine terrain. To call it beautiful would be an understatement.

  • Key location: Grand Teton NP
  • Grand Teton NP
  • 326 Miles

Stunning Serenity

Day 18

A day of exploring Grand Tetons wonders

Grand Teton National Park was conceived as a National Park. by the wealthy Rockefeller family from New York. The land was secretly bought up to expand the valley area around the Teton Mountains before being handed over to the federal government for preservation. Grand Teton is a worthy destination for any road trip holiday.

  • Key location: Grand Teton NP
  • Grand Teton NP

Morning Glory!

Day 19

Arrive in the majestic Yellowstone NP

Today you'll take the short drive north to Yellowstone National Park. This is the worlds oldest National Park. Founded in 1872, the park has millions of years of history and is home to an abundant range of wildlife including bison, bighorn sheep and bobcats. We always try to ensure you stay at the national park lodges within the park, getting your accommodation just right here means more time to explore everything this area has to offer. The lodges book up fast, as with every destination we'll work hard to ensure your staying in fantastic, central locations.

  • Key location: Yellowstone NP
  • Yellowstone NP
  • 85 Miles


Day 20

A day of exploring Yellowstones' treasures

A full day to further explore Yellowstone’s wonders and wildlife. Unbelievably, half the worlds geysers are found here, including the most famous, Old Faithful. This iconic natural wonder spurts water over 90 to 80 feet in the air almost every hour. Enjoy taking in one of the National Park ranger-led talks or walks that depart daily from Old Faithful Lodge.

  • Key location: Yellowstone NP
  • Yellowstone NP

Park City

Day 21

Last stop- Park City

Tomorrow you'll be checking out of your hotel to fly back to the U.K. We have a couple more places to visit first though, Salt Lake City and also Park City famed for it's world-class skiing and host of the 2012 Winter Olympics. The drive is a long one today, we can always add in another stop over or even overnight a little further north. Salt Lake City, Utah's capital is a great place to visit and enjoy more mountain life though. SLC and Park City are also home to the Sundance Film festival held here every January.

  • Key location: Park City, UT
  • Park City, UT
  • 344 Miles

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