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San Francisco, California

the city by the bay

Wake up to San Francisco, California. Once the thick fog lifts you’ll witness one of America’s most beautiful cities spark into life.

Ride the cable cars, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, climb the streets and get into the hip vibe that this city offers. San Francisco is packed with Victorian charm, famous movie locations, amazing eateries and high tech businesses that shape the modern world.

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Visit San Francisco, California

As the rolling mist creeps away it uncovers one of the most iconic cities in the world, San Francisco! 7 miles by 7 miles, there’s masses of adventure packed into such a small space. You should be under no illusion that the city is small, however, once they reached the limit in building out, there was only one way to go…Up! San Francisco is the perfect starting point to any Californian Road Trip. There is so much to do and see here that you will want to spend at least two days in the city, there’s no better place to fight the inevitable jet lag! With over 70 Direct flights from the UK every day, San Francisco is easily ventured.

Where is San Francisco?

San Francisco is on the Golden West Coast of the USA, in Northern California. Pressed against the Pacific Coast, San Francisco is the fifth most densely populated city in the US.

Things to do in San Francisco?

Home to a little bit of everything, San Francisco is full of iconic monuments and destinations. We recommend that you have somewhat of a list in mind of the things you’d like to do and see in the city as there are so many attractions that it’d be easy to lose time here. The Golden Gate Bridge is undeniably one of the worlds most famous landmarks, spanning the mouth of San Francisco Bay, it stands at a whopping 746 foot tall. Whether you drive, cycle or walk across, you can absorb the incredible views of the Bay Area.

Over the bridge, you can explore the towns of Sausalito and Tiburon before heading back to the bay on the Ferry. You’ll likely hear the buzz at Fishermans Wharf before you see it. Pier 39 is home to some adorable residents! The Sea Lions here sunbathe, and “bark” all day long, leaving the pier only in the breeding season from June-July. There are collections of restaurants, attractions and shops at Pier 39 all to be enjoyed with the perfect backdrop of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The infamous Alcatraz Island is a must-visit whilst you’re in the city. The tour is only available through Alcatraz Cruises, so we always advise to book this popular tour before your trip! The eery island is full of stories and history and a few hours are well spent here. Try a night tour and enjoy the breathtaking views of San Francisco!

Chinatown, Union Square, Haight-Ashbury and Lombard Street are other sights which must be part of your San Francisco Road Trip.

Where to eat in San Francisco? 

Head down to the waterfront along Fishermans Wharf for baskets full of fried shrimp, fresh clam chowder and all the seafood you can ‘muscle’! …Pun intended. Follow your nose to the oldest Chinatown in the United States for some incredible cuisine or cross the Golden Gate for some amazing restaurants on the waterfront. The Ferry Terminal sits at one end of the waterfront, full of independents and at the other there’s Ghiradelli Square, another great foodie hub and certainly the spot for dessert!

How to get around San Francisco?

There is an underground BART system which is great for getting around the city. This runs to and from the airport too! The city is easily walkable, despite those famously steep hills, and once your all walked out you can hop onto one of the iconic cable cars!

What to pack for San Francisco?

You should pack some good walking shoes or trainers to get around the city, now is not the time to be breaking in your new kicks! 

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