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Houston, Texas

venture beyond the skies

NASA belongs to America’s fourth-largest city, the Johnson Space Center literally providing you with an otherworldly experience.
Witness the thrills that come with being an astronaut, or venture through the city to partake in shopping or the urban tunnel adventures. The summer showcases all aspects of the cosmopolitan by setting up events that suit everyone’s preference, whether it be family fun or pub crawling through the 1800s.

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Houston, Texas

Visit Houston, Texas. One of the largest cities in the United States, Houston combines charming southern hospitality with urban authenticity and is packed with culture and excitement!

Home to NASA’s headquarters, your visit to Houston will certainly take you beyond the skies and into outer space!

Where is Houston, Texas?

Visit Houston in the Southeast Texas. You can drive to the Gulf Coast at Galveston, just 1 h ours drive away, or alternatively drive 3 hours 30 m minutes to Dallas, Texas. San Antonio is also only 3 hours and 30 minutes away and also makes for an exciting stop for any road tripper!

What to do on your visit to Houston Texas?

In this huge city filled with over 2.2 million residents, there is loads to do on your road trip. The Space Centre, Museums and gallery spaces are dotted all around the city. You’ll be sure to spot a piece of artwork around every corner.

There is a delicious culinary scene in Houston which is rapidly growing. Many Internationally renowned chefs set up table and home here and the locals are not complaining! After you’ve tasted your way through the city you can take a stroll or relax in Memorial Park before visiting Discovery Green, Houston’s eventful green spaces.

What is the weather like in Houston?

Houston, Texas, is lucky enough to have mild temperatures which remain as nice all year long. 

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