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Glacier National Park, Montana

wilderness in the rocky mountains

Sculpted by ice, Glacier National Park was viewed as a sacred land by the Blackfeet Indians. Brimming with wild flowers, wildlife and spectacular lakes against the backdrop of dominant mountains, causing the scenery to look like a dream. 700 miles of well maintained trails weave through the park, making it optimal for hikers, whilst others have an opportunity to take a drive along the Going-to-the-Sun road if the weather allows it.

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Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park, Montana, is any nature lovers haven! Full of things to do and sights to see, there’s an adventure for everyone who will visit!

Where is Glacier National Park?

Glacier National Park is in Montana’s Rocky Mountains. Running right up to the Canadian border in the North, it is often referred to as The Crown of the Continent!

What to do at Glacier National Park?

Going To The Sun road is the scenic road running through the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park. This spectacular 52-mile road really speaks for itself. You will drive along the narrow, winding roads, through the mountain tunnels and over the continental divide at Logan Pass. On this ride, which can take 2 hours to drive without stops, you will witness all sorts of terrain, from jagged cliff edges to glacial lakes. You will want to stop along the way.

Top Tip for driving this scenic road – Set off early. People know of this awesome road and you’ll want a little slice for yourself. Any chances of spotting wildlife are also higher at this time! Other ‘must-see’s’ at Glacier National Park include the Logan Pass, Hidden Lake and Many Glacier.

What wildlife can we see at Glacier National Park?

Grizzly’s and Black Bears are often spotted in the park, it is bear country after all! You’ll also be likely to spot Moose, Deer, Wolverine and Big Horn Sheep as well as smaller animals such as porcupines and beavers!

When does Glacier National Park open?

This incredible National Park is open every day of the year and visitors can enter at any time. It is the roads leading to the park and the visitors facilities which close through the winter when the conditions aren’t suitable.

How much does it cost to enter Glacier National Park?

The entrance fee is $35 and will allow access to the park for 7 days.

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