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Stacey & Adam

Date: 28th June 2016

I just wanted to tell you how grateful Adam and I are for the AMAZING road trip that you arranged for us. It was a dream come true. We have never been on that type of holiday before but now I can’t imagine staying in one place for 2 weeks!! I can’t believe how truly amazing and varied the landscape is in California. We couldn’t have planned this trip alone, your expertise and personal experience made every part of ours incredible. The hotels were lovely, the suggested routes were fantastic! 

I liked how the journey went from bustling city life to calm peaceful fishing town, then gradually built up to Vegas. Wow. Vegas. It’s somewhere that’s never massively appealed to me but I absolutely loved it!!

Everyone has been jealous of our amazing trip and have been asking who we booked with. So I’ve been telling them how amazing ‘The American Road Trip Company’ are at every opportunity. Thank you so much for planning our trip, it’s been a holiday of a lifetime and I would definitely do it again! We couldn’t have done it without you. It was really helpful to have suggested routes and places to see because we would have probably missed them otherwise and taken boring freeway routes suggested by our sat-nav.

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