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Kelly & Kim

Date: 23rd December 2015

Thank you so much to chris and the team at ARTCO for the greatest road trip we could imagine!
Kelly and Kim in Las VegasWe loved every part of our trip across California and are very grateful to Chris for adapting the trip to include San Diego and then New York at the end. Every single hotel was spot on, from the luxurious Venetian in Vegas to the quaint inns we stayed at in carmel and pismo beach. To make the trip even more perfect, the weather was beautiful and even the flights were good (and I hate flying!). Our hire car also turned out to be a convertible camaro which was amazing! We would do it all again tomorrow if we could, and if we did we would definitely use ARTCO again as they organised everything perfectly so we only really needed to turn up! Best bits – the camaro, the sights we saw on the road such as Big Bear Lake en route to Vegas and all the lakes around Yosemite, cycling around Mission Bay in San Diego, the hotels and the helpful itinerary we received! Worst bits – having to leave! Thank you so much 🙂

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