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Amish Country, Pennsylvania

discover another way of living

Visit the oldest Amish affiliation in Lancaster County and witness an unimaginable lifestyle from years long past.

Partake in Amish Buggy Rides, visit the Amish Village and experience museums where you can build an Amish Friend for your family. Handmade crafts are found throughout this agricultural area, rich with history from an extraordinary culture.

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Amish Country, Pennsylvania

Step back in time into a fascinating way of life on your Road Trip to Pennsylvania into Lancaster, Amish country. Also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Lancaster County is home to the oldest Amish settlement in the United States. The heritage of the Amish communities dates back hundreds of years, and whilst much time has passed and the world has evolved, the Amish still live and work as their ancestors once did. Take some time out on your visit here, pop your phone away, turn off and unplug…or at least give it a try?

Where is Pennsylvania?

Road Trip to Pennsylvania, a state with two huge cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Lancaster sits in South Central Pennsylvania.

What to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

Spend some time visiting and Amish farm or take an Amish buggy ride on horse and cart through scenic backcountry roads. Can you tell the difference between Amish and English houses? There are guided Lancaster Pennsylvania Amish tours available, or you can hire a guide to travel with you in your car for a fully personal experience through Amish Country! After a tour around the PA countryside you can shop for local, handmade Amish crafts, before indulging in some authentic PA Dutch cooking. Explore the many reasons why the locals love Lancaster and do something a little unexpected such as a brewery tour! Whilst a couple of days exploring Amish Country is easily done and would certainly allow for some downtime, an afternoon is also well spent here as you pass through on your road trip.

Where to eat in Amish County?

There are many options for Dining in Lancaster County. Amish cuisine is what we would know as hearty comfort food. Homegrown and home-baked produce will fill the menus, meat, homegrown vegetables and sweet and savoury pies of all kinds! 

Where to next?

After you have finished exploring Amish Country, Washington DC is two hours and twenty minutes away, Gettysburg is an hour and a half drive and Williamsburg is just over four hours drive. In a car of course – the horse and buggy may take a little longer!

Did you Know… Lancaster, PA, is one of the oldest inland cities in the United States, and was once the capital city…for a day!

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