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Favourite place visited on a road trip?

The Grand Canyon is an amazing sight to behold and a must for everyone to visit. I’ve seen it from the South Rim, North Rim and by air whilst staying Las Vegas. The North Rim has the best view and experience for me, but it’s only open during the summer months. The South Rim is the most visited and won’t disappoint everyone.

Favourite road trip?

Hmm..Let’s say the Ultimate East Coast is an amazing 3 week road trip. I’m a city break kind of girl and this road trip takes in a whopping 7 cities – all with a unique favour. Start

in Boston and end in Miami – amazing. New York won the prize for the best city, whilst the Outer Banks was another highlight.

Favourite thing to eat when stateside?

After a night out in Vegas or LA, I recommend Pinks for a Hot Dog with the works piled on top. If you go to the original Pinks in LA, check out the pictures of the Hollywood stars that have eaten there before you.

Favourite excursion? 

Renting bikes in Central Park was great fun and only cost a few bucks. We went clean around the park and even took a little detour to see the cafe made famous in the TV show Seinfeld.

Favourite Hotel?

The Bellagio in Las Vegas is amazing. Indoor gardens, the legendary fountains and one of the best pools in all of Vegas. This town is packed with great hotels, but the Bellagio is the best for me. I recommend the hotels buffet for at least one meal while you are in town. Just make sure you are hungry, because you won’t be able to stop eating.

Tammy in Cali

I love Pinks in Vegas

Central Park by bike

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