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Road Trip Consultant

Favourite City visited?
Right now, it has to be NYC- the city that never sleeps.  From the hustle and bustle of Times Square to the tranquility of Central Park. I love how I can get lost in the streets but always feel at home.

Favourite hotel?
Tucked away in TriBeCa is The Sheraton offering phenomenal views of NYC. I always recommend to opt for a club room there so you can enjoy the 21st floor terrace along with complimentary happy hour!

Why do you love America so much?
Because there’s a snippet of all cultures, scenery, climates and experiences rolled into one continent. I love the diversity each state has to offer and the guarantee of finding something new each time.

Favourite meal to eat whilst in America?
Not so much a meal but when in America I’m consistently snacking. You’re always spoilt for choice so I’ll have a bit of everything. From pretzels & corndogs to donuts & philly steak, America is a foodies dream! When in NYC make sure to check out Carlos Bakery featured on famous TV program ‘Cake Boss’. My advice would be to preorder online to skip the queues that can sometimes stretch outside the door!

Favourite excursion?
One of my favourite days out in NYC was heading north to Woodbury Commons shopping outlet. Not only was I surrounded by bargains but absolutely gorgeous views from Schunnemunk Mountains & Hudson Highlands. The route is 55 miles long leaving behind the skyscrapers of the city to greet the stunning natural scenery of Woodbury.

Which road trip is next up?
Next up is California! There’s not long to go now and I absolutely can not wait to soak up some San Fran sun whilst exploring Yosemite, Napa Valley & San Diego along the way.

What’s so great about an American Road Trip Hol?
It will always be remembered as a trip of a lifetime. Booking with ARTCo you can be assured that your trip will create incredible memories and experiences you’ll never forget.

Cycling over the Golden Gate

Yosemite Valley

Florida Keys

Southernmost Point

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