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californian redwoods

Date: 21st February 2018

Visit Californian Redwoods

It’s true…There are giants in California! You will find Californias redwoods in the majestic Redwood National Park.

To explain a little about these Giants – this national park is home to the tallest trees on earth. The national Park Service work hard to manage and restore these lands for every one to roam.

Redwoods were once common throughout North America but are sadly now only predominantly found in Oregon and California. For the ultimate Sequoia experience head to the Redwood National Park in northern coastal California. These are true giants at up to 100m high and 11m in diameter. Stand amongst these humongous trees and let the stresses of work and home life just melt away.

Surrounded by beautiful state parks, with hiking, camping, wildlife and educational centres around Redwood National Park, there’s enjoyment for everyone to be found here.

Giant Redwood trees

Giant Redwood trees

However, In previous years the National Park Service have had to close the park to its visitors. This was to rejuvenate the coast ecosystem and allow time for such a huge restoration project. Having spent over $40 million on this mighty restoration the park is now open and ready for visitors.

Giant Redwoods

Giant Redwoods

Plan Your Californian Redwoods Road Trip

We can’t wait to drive up the West Coast to California to visit this mind blowing National Park! 

So, If you want to visit this spectacular new part of Californian Redwoods, we offer a number of road trip itineraries that feature it. Check out the Ultimate West Coast road trip travelling from Seattle down the West Coastline all the way to Los Angeles. In addition, there’s the Ultimate North West itinerary exploring the Seattle to Mount Rainer and all thats in between.

Find out more here, or talk to an experienced Road Trip Expert today to start planning your trip on 01244 342 099.

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