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New trailer for epic USA documentary released

Date: 22nd February 2018

The clever marketing folks over at Brand USA have sent us a jaw-dropping trailer for their latest IMAX movie.

“America’s Musical Journey” is narated by legend of the voice-over, Morgan Freeman and follows pop man Aloe Blacc tracing the roots of America’s music through the colorful locales and cultures where America’s music was born.


The 40 minute documentary movie will be released in selected cinemas around the world this spring including London. Judging from the trailer, it looks like a really fun watch. The ARTCo office were bopping around a minute in!

It’s made by the same team who put together the amazing IMAX movie “National Parks Explored” which was released in 2015. You can watch the full documentary below.


Of course, if you have an itch to discover these amazing destinations yourself, call us to start planning your next road trip adventure.

Photo credit: MacGillivray Freeman Films, © VisitTheUSA.com

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