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first time in the usa

Date: 6th February 2018

You never forget your first time…

Washington DC

My First time in USA. The first time Chris took me to America, it was on a Road-Trip. We flew into Atlanta and were heading out on our way towards Washington DC. I can still recall the skyline as we landed at night. It was breathtaking, I had never seen anything like it as I’m a country girl – we don’t even have streetlights where I’m from so this was quite a contrast. I literally couldn’t speak , Christian and his Dad Kent kept asking me” Are you ok ?” Let me just say I was more than ok , what a feast for the eyes! It wasn’t just the vastness or the size of the buildings or the way people talked, the air was different ,the energy, everything about it. When you go anywhere new it’s exciting. This was my first taste of America – and just like that, I was hooked!

First time in America, driving through Atlanta at night.

First time in America, driving through Atlanta at night.

What I loved and what has remained a constant through all our road-tripping years has been the contrasts. Here you can pass vast cities en route to off the beaten track Mom and Pop places. There are  Mountains, Deserts and dramatic coastlines along every drive. The friendliness of the people you meet makes America A place you want to keep coming back to.

First time in the USA Highlights

On that first trip DC highlights included Georgetown, Museums and The White House. Everything felt exciting but also with an air of familiarity, locked in your sub conscious from a film or TV show maybe. From here we travelled to Florida and for us Brits Florida felt a very balmy 25 degrees, even though it was only March. We were asked by some Floridians we met “Are you guys from up North?” Being the only people in shorts and we were a fair winter shade of white, we understood why. It was my first time in the USA and we were excited to be there and were making the most of what the Sunshine State had to offer… The Floridians quite understood when they learnt we were from the UK.

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