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4th july in new york city

Date: 4th July 2013

Independence Day

The 4th July is Independence Day in New York, America. It’s a patriarchal day celebrating American independence from British Colonial rule, the birth of a nation. There is nothing like taking part in a national holiday. Especially one that, as a tourist, is a little unfamiliar to you.

This is where we found ourselves on July 4th, 2003 in New York City. Independence day is spectacular fireworks, extravagant parades, indulgent picnics and blockbuster films.

Ok, so the blockbuster film we saw wasn’t great, but it had to be done, it’s a tradition! We watched ” Terminator 3- Rise of the Machines”. It was lovely to shelter from the blazing sunshine in a cool air conditioned multiplex for a couple of hours. From here, loaded with a huge picnic we found our own shady slice of paradise in New York’s amazing Central Park. With the buzz of the day in the air, Central Park is perfect for sunbathing, jogging, rollerblading or snoozing –  the perfect playground to relax or let off steam.

4th of July, 2003 - NYC

NYC 4th of July, 2013

In the evening as the air cooled and darkness started to fall we moved downtown where we we could overlook the East river. Here we were treated to the most spectacular firework display. It was like no other we’ve seen before.  Nothing says “celebration” like fireworks and New York didn’t spare any expense. The excitement of the day showed no signs of abating! When the fireworks eventually finished, we walked with a massive throng of people up towards 5th Ave. We walked by the Chrysler building and Grand Central Terminal both majestically lit up.  As we finally reached the Empire State building it dominated the skyline which was all decked out in Red, White and Blue, we knew that on this day, 4th July,  Independence Day in America – we were in the best place on earth!

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