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What’s so great about an American Road Trip Holiday?

When taking a flight abroad, I say make the most of it and visit multiple destinations. With a road trip, you can check out America’s cities, deserts and snow capped mountains – and that’s all in one day, never mind one holiday. There is no better feeling than hitting the road in a convertible or SUV, on route to the next adventure.

Road trip miles travelled?

Over 32,000 miles through 17 states.

Favorite place visited on a road trip?

Wow, how to narrow it down to just one place. I love San

Francisco; to me it almost has a European feel and is so laid back, and I find Miami so intoxicating and vibrant. I adore the peace and tranquillity of fly fishing in Montana but for me the place that truly rules the roost has got to be New York! You can fine a combination of all those things within the 5 boroughs, it ain’t all about Manhattan.

Favorite road trip?

It has got to be blasting round Florida in a drop top Mustang. Spent a week based out of Miami, stayed in an awesome hotel, The National – not far from Ocean Drive. Dining out

at some of the fabulous fish restaurants in Coconut Grove, spotting some of the incredible wildlife in the Everglades while accompanied by the roaring engine of an air boat to catching a Buccs game in Tampa. From there it was a cruise down the A1A Overseas Highway, which ranks as one of the most amazing driving experiences of my life, with various stop offs en route to the sun kissed shores of Key West.

Favorite excursion?

I would have to say the first time I went fly fishing on the Little Blackfoot River in Southwest Montana – talk about Big Country, the scenery takes your breath away!

Favourite hotel?

I always have an amazing time whenever I stay at On The Ave in New York. It’s a classy Upper West side hotel and it’s the perfect jump off point for exploring Manhattan, while the car rental places are just down the street!

Favourite meal to eat whilst in America?

For me it has got to be Steak and Eggs, the perfect way to start the day.

Which road trip is next up?


The Pacific Coast Highway in September! Can’t wait – I’m counting the days until I can pick up a convertible and explore San Fran, LA and the legendary road that links these 2 great cities.

Outdoor fun stateside

I Love San Fran!

Simon clubbing in Miami

My fav road trip

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